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New Concept Louvers

Breathe new life into your roof with a maintenance-free ready-made cupola


Most ready-made and build-from-a-kit cupolas are made of wood that needs to be painted when you first install the cupola and frequently thereafter. Our cupolas, on the other hand, are made of wood wrapped in PVC-coated aluminum, so they never need painting. Even if you want the base and louvered section of your cupola to be some other color than the standard white, you still never need to paint the cupola, because you can choose from over 400 colors of PVC-coated aluminum! And the roofs of our cupolas are clad in copper, which also requires no painting.

New Concept Louvers provides over 400 colors which perfectly match virtually every vinyl, steel and aluminum siding colors. They can also be used in wood, stucco and brick applications. Along with their stock sized products available in octagon, rectangle, and foundation vents, New Concept Louvers is also know for its unlimited selection of custom sizes and shapes, shutters and cupolas. We can make any size, shape, color of louver that you desire. Our cupolas are elegant and functional, no maintenance, easy to install, never need painting and built to last.

You'll find the product categories, and more, on the New Concept Louvers website:

  • Accessories & Mounting Hardware
  • Cottage Weathervanes
  • Cupolas
  • Stock & Custom Louvers (including Triangle Louvers, Diamond Shaped Louver, Sunburst Louver, Pentagon Louver)
  • Full-Size Weathervanes
  • Full-Size and Garden Weathervanes
  • Windchime Sculptures

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New Concept Louvers
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Springville, UT 84663
Tel: (801) 489-0614 or (800) 635-6448; Fax: (801) 489-0606

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