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A.F. Schwerd Manufacturing Co.

Since 1860, the A.F. Schwerd Manufacturing Company has contributed wood columns to American Architecture.

Schwerd columns are not only aesthetically and mathematically correct, but their durability is proved by the continued excellent condition of installations after years of exposure to the most severe climatic conditions. Our careful attention to detail has made "Schwerd Quality Columns" known throughout the country.

Our company has over 140 years of experience in manufacturing wood columns, and has proven that the durability of a wood column depends upon the strength of the joint, and the quality and thickness of the wood.

Wood columns are constructed by gluing together wood staves. Schwerd column construction was developed to meet each specific requirement. The wood is thoroughly seasoned Northern White Pine; the glue is of the highest quality. Special stave-making machines developed by Schwerd precisely shape, taper, and tongue-and-groove the staves.

For exterior columns and pilasters, the wood of choice is Northern white pine. Interior columns and pilasters are made of poplar for a natural finish or pine for paint finish. All exterior columns are treated with Wood Life preservative. Columns 24 in. in diameter and over are painted inside with black asphaltum. Smaller diameters are available on request. Our complete aluminum bases are recommended for exterior columns for a seamless base that will last a lifetime. Complete aluminum bases are available in three architecturally-correct styles for even diameter columns from 8" to 30".

We have a superior and complete line of standard columns and pilasters. If the architect wishes to use her or his own design, we have facilities for production and welcome such an opportunity for cooperation.

Both standard and detail columns can be furnished from 4 to 50 in. in diameter, and up to 35 ft. in length with matching pilasters.

We at Schwerd's are pleased to see how many people are buying and restoring older homes and large buildings, and we're happy to be able to help restore these buildings to their original design. Being a "custom" manufacturer, we can reproduce almost any plan for the wood columns and pilasters. Composition Capitals are available in stock sizes only.

Let us assist you in your quest to return your property to the traditional style of architecture.


A.F. Schwerd Manufacturing Company
3215 McClure Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Tel: (412) 766-6322; FAX: (412) 766-2262

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