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Period Homes July 2016

VOLUME 17 | NUMBER 4 | JULY 2016

Period Homes July 2016

Badger Hill Farm in Marshall, VA
Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects’ 2016 Palladio Award-winning new classic-style cottage project near Upperville, Virginia.

Kass & Associates Grand Victorian Restoration
See how Kass & Associates restored and updated a grand Victorian mansion in Philadelphia ca. 1874.

A New Classic Colonial Revival Landscape
A “new classic” home on five acres in backcountry Greenwich, Connecticut, called for a completely new Colonial Revival landscape.

An Authentic Spanish Colonial Revival Hacienda
Nestled in a deep valley on a 200-acre Spanish rancho in Hidden Valley, CA, just 45 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, this new 15,000-square-foot residence is an authentic Spanish Colonial Revival hacienda.

Centerbrook Architects and Planners Build Residential Multi-Unit Community
See the challenge of creatively adding residential housing for 65 students at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, Centerbrook Architects and Planners.

A Traditional House with Mediterranean Style
This new Mediterranean-style traditional house is large, comfortable, and characterized by a variety of interior and exterior entertaining areas that take full advantage of the water view.

Upper West Side Arts & Crafts-Style Renovation
A family in the entertainment industry turned to Fairfax & Sammons Architects when they wanted to renovate their recently purchased Arts & Crafts-style apartment.

True of Faux: Period Roofing Choices
Myriad choices exist when it comes to period roofing.

Historic Tiverton Estate Reborn
The historic Tiverton Estate is revitalized and renewed.

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