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All About Historic Windows
Earn learning units and learn about historic windows from the experts at this free online webinar on Tuesday, January 27 at 2 pm ET. It will include information on tax credits, standards and solutions to common problems. Register now to save your place.

John Russell Pope Awards
January 28 is the deadline for submissions for the inaugural John Russell Pope Awards, sponsored by the Washington Mid Atlantic chapter of the ICAA. The awards will celebrate excellence in classical architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. Read more.

The Master Touch
When Rafe Churchill renovated his own 1929 Connecticut farmhouse in 2011 it was with a legacy of experience. A third-generation master builder, with degrees in architecture and sculpture, Churchill is that rare breed—a tradesperson and artist, equally adept at the how-to and the why. Read more.

Doors, Windows & More
Our Doors, Windows, Shutters & Hardware Product Gallery showcases a variety of period-appropriate products for your residential project, including this heavy-duty steel hinge from Golden Lion. See more.

Period Homes Magazine
Clem Labine
Come Mingle with the Lions of Classicism
"The 2014 Classical Tradition Conference (CTC) in Salt Lake City was a high point of the past year."
Peter H. Miller
Millennials and Historic Buildings, Part Two
"These young consumers are approaching their most acquisitive years. Will they buy old houses and fix them up? Will they be patrons of traditional arts and crafts? Do they want to live in historic neighborhoods?"
Steven W. Semes
The Historic City as a Garden: A New Model for Managing Historic Districts
"Historic districts were first created in the U.S. in the 1930s; that is, precisely at the moment when modernist architecture was first making an appearance here."
Ken Follett
Want to Trade?
"I have been invited, or challenged, to contribute here as either a sounding board, a counter-measure or a punching bag to my friend Rudy Christian's blog comments."

Ward Hamilton
When the Time is Right: Appropriate Use of Modern Materials in a Traditional Roofing System
"While I typically advocate for retaining all of the historic fabric when preserving and restoring traditional building systems, there are exceptions."

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Make Mine Metal
Bronze windows became popular in the late 19th century and enjoy high-end appeal today; steel windows became the utilitarian go-to by the 1920s. Find out what today's manufacturers and window restorers say about metal window history and repair. Read more.

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