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Book Review: Highgrove
At Highgrove, the private home and gardens of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, organic gardening methods have been used to cultivate beautiful ornamental and kitchen gardens for the past 25 years. Read more.

Carefully Edited Tradition
Architect Anne Decker designs a house that takes on classic forms with a modern twist in a Bethesda, Maryland, neighborhood. Read more.

Profile: Sense & Soul
For Arne Maynard, designing a garden is a matter of combining just the right ingredients. Read more.

Recent Project: Casino Restored
Located in Ipswich, Massachusetts, the Crane Estate's 12,000-sq.ft. Italianate courtyard is fully restored to its early 20th-century beauty. Read more.

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Clem Labine
Come Mingle with the Lions of Classicism
"The 2014 Classical Tradition Conference (CTC) in Salt Lake City was a high point of the past year."
Peter H. Miller
What I Learned at AIA Atlanta 2015
"If your primary interest is traditional building, the best networking at the annual AIA Convention is with the members of the Historic Resources Committee, the oldest Knowledge Community within the AIA."
Steven W. Semes
Remembering the Great War in Italy
"For history and architecture buffs interested in the centenary of World War I, there are few better places to see what the tragic war meant to Italy than the Casa Madre dei Mutilati da Guerra."
Rudy Christian
A Good Reason to Talk to Myself
"Carpenter's marks (the more traditional name) are a way of keeping track of where each piece fits within a 'scribe rule' timber frame."

Ward Hamilton
Dealing with Snow and Ice Dams in Traditional Roof Systems
"Ice damming occurs when heat loss causes snow to melt and slide down the slope of the roof."

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Perfect Porches
When designing a period appropriate porch, it's best to start with the supporting cast-columns, posts, pedestals, and piers. Read more.

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