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Beyond the Surface
By no means new, plaster meets and exceeds the demands of today's construction market. Read article.

Training Leaders of Tomorrow
Robert A. Baird's leadership and support of historic preservation and Classical architecture education has earned him the sixth annual Clem Labine Award. Read article.

Something Old, Something New
An antiques dealer continues a long relationship with Franck & Lohsen Architects, and brings context to his historic Washington, DC, home. Read more.

Product Gallery: Metalwork
Our Metalwork Product Gallery features a variety of custom-made products, including this forged-bronze grille, which was designed by Curtis and Windham Architects and fabricated by Wiemann Metalcraft. See more.

Period Homes Magazine
Clem Labine
McKim's Penn Station Can Rise Again
"A plan of jaw-dropping daring and imagination was recently unveiled at a symposium gathered in Philadelphia to assess the legacy of Henry Hope Reed."
Peter H. Miller
Millennials and Historic Buildings
"Marketers are obsessed with Millennials. And why not? Millennials outnumber baby boomers, are entering their acquisitive years and when finished paying off their student-loan debt, promise to ignite another housing boom."
Steven W. Semes
Varieties of the Classical Orders in Rome
"For a lover of Classical Architecture, one of the great pleasures of living in rome is how one is constantly reminded of the variety and expressiveness of the orders."
Rudy Christian
Whatever it Was, It's Gone
"I believe we have marginalized the trades so completely that it takes one to see one. "

Ward Hamilton
Wooden Gutters: Hidden Details Can Be the Most Elusive
"The evolution of gutter technologies in the United States is a rarely discussed topic, yet they often represent character defining features in traditional roofing systems."

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Beyond the Surface
Despite its long history, ornamental plaster remains thoroughly in step with current trends. Read more.

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