Aeratis Porch Flooring is a solid extruded PVC tongue & groove porch plank proven to out-perform wood, polypropylene, polyethylene and open-cell PVC products. Its unsurpassed durability coupled with a historic and traditional design, fortifies your porch floor against natures adverse effects while standing up to the scrutiny of the most discerning traditional architects, builders, historic societies and homeowners. Aeratis Classic is Class “A” fire rated, ADA slip compliant, installs easier than wood and can be used on covered and uncovered porch applications. Aeratis Traditions is paint-ready (with a 5-A paint adhesion), while Aeratis Classic looks beautiful when painted or left natural.

Thanks to a proprietary manufacturing process and formulation, Aeratis is the only manufactured product that guarantees the product will not expand and contract. This means, your porch will never buckle, cup or warp. This allows you to enjoy the finished look of a T&G porch without worry.

Aeratis Traditions Beaded Ceiling/ Wainscoting, is a historically accurate, double sided, paint ready PVC ceiling product. The Traditions Ceiling board dimensions are 5” x 3/8” x 16’. What makes the Traditions Ceiling Board unique is the fact that it is the only synthetic that can be installed with the ceiling joist 24” OC.

Further, the ceiling board can be painted any color due to the nature of our proprietary paint grade formulation. (See paint instructions and paint rebate at The Traditions ceiling board not only saves time and money during the installation process, it dramatically reduces the overall construction cost due to the significant advantage of the 24” OC span ratting over every other synthetic on the market.

There is no better way to dress up the ends of your T&G porch planks or to cover where boards meet vertical surfaces than to use one of our trim pieces. The Aeratis trim pieces are made from the same formulation as our porch plank giving you the piece of mind knowing that they are not cellular PVC. All our trim pieces come color through and only come in 8′ lengths.

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