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Whether your windows are new or old, drafts, noise and extreme temperatures can keep you from enjoying your windows year round. Like adding an extra layer of clothing for protection, an extra window will give you that additional barrier you need from the outside elements.

Our interior windows and exterior storm windows are made of high performance glass and screen materials that install easily over existing windows for up to 50% sound abatement and 75% energy efficiency improvements.

Low-E glass windows offer the best comfort, energy efficiency and noise reduction on the market. Proven to perform as well as window replacements, Low-e storm windows cost significantly less than window replacements giving you a greater payback.

Our windows are designed to function just like your existing windows. Whether you have single/double hung windows, sliders or fixed panels, our products will mimic your existing window in both looks and function. And, they are meant to be installed once and used year round.

The Impact

Storm windows mount over your existing window, either on the outside or on the inside of your home, creating a thermal break and a dead air space that traps noise and cold/hot air.

No Brainer Economics

The elimination of wasted energy pays for itself. By choosingwindow attachments like our interior window or exterior storm windows, you will see a return on that investment in a short period.

Experience LARSON

Only LARSON has been in the business of making your doorand window openings better with storm products for over 65years. It is what we do best.

Design with Purpose

Our exterior and interior window products are thoughtfully designed to meet your needs while enhancing the look of your home. Slim styles and architectural designs add to the aesthetics of your home.


Our window products are backed by a limited lifetime guarantee giving you peace of mind.

Helps lower heating and cooling costs

Poor performing windows make your furnace and air conditioning work harder increasing your energy bills. Adding another window over your existing window is a cost effective way to improve performance immediately.

Recommended by DOE

Installing exterior low-e storm windows is the top recommendation given by the Department of Energy with a potential savings (as a percentage of utility bills) of 12 – 33% annually on heating and cooling bills. Average annual savings is $100 - $274 per year (Based on EIA Average End Use Expenditures)

Warmer winters/Cooler Summers

Low-E glass improves window performance by redirecting heat back to its source and reducing energy transfer through the window opening

Quieter Rooms

The dead air space created when you add another window over your existing window traps the noise of traffic, lawn mowers or loud neighbors reducing noise by up to 50%.

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