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DIGITAL EDITION | February 2020

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italian marble floor

The floor pattern, based upon a design in Schinkel’s Glienicke Casino in Potsdam, and crafted by Kenneth Castellucci & Associates Inc., features 7 species of Italian and Spanish marbles. The Verdi Alpi columns in the interior were a nod to Daum’s employer after graduate school, American Classicist John Blatteau, a founder of Classical America who had placed green Doric columns in a Board Room for Rigg’s Bank in Washington, DC.

Eric Inman Daum Architect Creates a Private Mausoleum
Eric Inman Daum Architect designs a private mausoleum for both introspective contemplation and life-celebrating gatherings.

Susan Rochelle's Lowcountry House
Architect Susan Rochelle’s Lowcountry house combines historical integrity and amenities of comfortable modern-day living.

On Columns, Classicism, and Creativity
How should our buildings look today?

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Lobby at Ramble Hotel

Paned windows, containing a thin profile—reminiscent of classic steel framed windows—are used throughout the property. All windows are fully transparent, making the building interior welcoming and easily visible from the outside, when curtains are not drawn.

The Ramble Hotel In Denver
The Ramble Hotel embodies informed design made manifest by visionaries and craftsmen committed to building a legacy.

The Decatur House
One of the capitol’s oldest and most prestigious homes, the Decatur House has been remade—in its own image—by Franck & Lohsen Architects.

Dan Gordon Landscape Architects' Bulfinch Award-Winning “Charles River Estate”
With woodlands to the east and an open meadow to the west, this Bulfinch award-winning landscape is classically designed, by Dan Gordon Landscape Architects, to be in harmony with its history and surroundings.


interior design by Gerald Pomeroy

Pomeroy chose a soft color palette to enhance the architecture. Respecting the architecture, he says, is key to interior design of historic townhouses.

Gerald Pomeroy Talks About Townhouse Interiors
When it comes to designing spaces in historical rowhouses, Gerald Pomeroy looks to classical principles for inspiration.

Interior Designer Thomas Pheasant
Interior designer Thomas Pheasant has been designing celebrated home furnishings for more than 15 years.

Product Reports

white custom kitchen cabinets

Flat panels with minimal edge details—a hallmark of transitional cabinets—face the drawers, doors, box ends and refrigerator of this timeless kitchen.

Cabinet Trends in Traditional Kitchens
See what type of cabinets are popular in traditional kitchens.

Creating a Period Entryway
Regardless of its traditional style, the front door, the signature of the home’s architecture, is designed to make a grand entrance.s.

Building with Natural Stone for Home Additions, Repairs, and New Old Homes
What to look for when shopping for natural stone.

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OHO Green
prairie foursquare living room

Comfortable and warm, the living room glows with quarter-sawn woodwork—which had been painted by a previous owner and then restored by a subsequent one. Large windows are uncurtained.

A Prairie Foursquare in Memphis
The 1903 house in Memphis, Tennessee, is a boldly detailed example of the Midwest Prairie School genre on the familiar foursquare type. The well-preserved house never looked better than now.

Restoring a Shingle Style House
A collection of architectural salvage played a role in the restoration of this handsome Shingle Style house.

Modern Craftsman Kitchen
To replace nondescript space in an old house, an architect designs a hard-working “modern Craftsman” kitchen for a friend who has strong ideas about design and function.

ACH social copy
Gamble House dining room

Japanese influence permeates the dining room, the most formal room at the Gamble House. Note the fine details in woodwork, stained glass, and tile. Paneling is red-brown mahogany. Like the house, the furniture was designed by the brothers Greene.

Tracing the Lineage of Arts & Crafts Furniture
The movement’s furniture proves that Arts & Crafts is a design philosophy and a way of working, much more so than a “style.” How else to explain so many design vocabularies?

Jewel-Box Kitchen
Framed by a stepped arch, this gem of a kitchen stars in the sensitive renovation of a 1920s bungalow.

New Arts & Crafts in a Traditional Neighborhood: A Perfect Fit
Tradition runs strong on Crane Island in Lake Minnetonka: the new house had to look like it was built in 1910.


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