Eric Inman Daum Architect Creates a Private Mausoleum

Eric Inman Daum Architect Creates a Private Mausoleum

Eric Inman Daum Architect designs a private mausoleum for both introspective contemplation and life-celebrating gatherings.

Buying Guides

architectural salvage buying guide

Architectural Salvage & Antiques

Period Homes' Buying Guide to architectural salvage and and antiques, including salvaged wood, ornament, furnishings, flooring, ceilings, and more. Featuring our annual Architectural Antiques Yellow Pages directory.

art glass stained glass buying guide

Artwork, Art Glass & Furnishings

Period Homes' Buying Guide to companies, artists, and craftspeople specializing in art glass, stained glass, cabinetry, hardware, furniture, murals, mosaics, sculptures, and window treatments.

columns buying guide

Columns & Capitals

Period Homes' Buying Guide to suppliers, manufacturers, designers and fabricators of columns and capitals for classically-inspired residential design and building projects.

conservatories buying guide

Conservatories & Outbuildings

Period Homes' Buying Guide to designers and builders and outbuildings, such as conservatories, sun rooms, gazebos, greenhouses, and skylights.

buying guide: doors, windows shutters

Doors, Windows & Shutters

Period Homes' Buying Guide to doors, windows & shutters, including hardware, door & window trim, shutters, storm doors, screens, and windows, and restoration/repair services.



Period Homes' Buying Guide to flooring for traditionally-inspired residential projects, including hardwood, parquet, tile, stone, and wide-plank materials.



Period Homes' Buying Guide to hardware for doors, windows, shutters, cabinetry and more, including garage door hardware, antique door hardware, escutcheons, knobs, lock sets, door knockers, doorbells and more.

interior ornament buying guide

Interior Elements, Ornament & Finishes

Period Homes' Buying Guide to interior elements, ornament & finishes, including ceiling domes and medallions, cast stone ornament, paints, plaster, stucco, tile, tin ceilings, plaster work and wallpapers.


Kitchens, Bath & Heating

Period Homes' Buying Guide to kitchen,  bath & heating specialties for classically-designed residential building projects, including plumbing, appliances, fixtures, bathtubs, countertops, cabinets, faucets, HVAC, ovens, sinks, and toilets.

landscape & garden specialties

Landscape & Garden Specialties

Period Homes' Buying Guide to Landscape & Garden Specialties, including fences, gates, fountains, waterfalls, hardware, stone, pavers, planters, arbors, and retaining walls.


Lighting & Electrical

Period Homes' Buying Guide to designers, manufacturers and suppliers of of lighting & electrical for classically-inspired residential building projects, including interior and exterior lighting, ceiling fans, dumbwaiters, elevators, and gas-burning lighting.

buying guide mantels

Mantels, Fireplaces & Chimneys

Period Homes' Buying Guide to mantels, fireplaces & chimneys for classically-inspired residential building projects, including chimney fans, pots, fireplaces, mantels, and restoration.

metalwork buying guide


Period Homes' Guide to metalwork specialties for traditionally-inspired residential building projects, including custom casting, repairs, patinas, registers & grilles, radiators, and railings.

professional services

Professional Services

Period Homes' Buying Guide to professional services for the classic residential building project, including conservation, construction, education, lighting design, and paint conservation and restoration.

roofing buying guide

Roofing & Roof Specialties

Period Homes' Buying Guide to roofing and roof specialties for period-inspired residential building projects, including roof repair, bird control, gutters, leaders, snow guards, waterproofing, siding, and tile.

stone brick masonry

Stone, Brick & Masonry

Period Homes' Buying Guide to Stone, Brick & Masonry specialties and products for traditionally-designed residential building projects, including brick, stone cladding, restoration, terra cotta, and stone products.

timber framing and barns buying guide

Timber Framing & Barns

Period Homes' Buying Guide to builders and suppliers of timber framing and barns for traditionally-designed residential building projects.

tools buying guide

Tools & Equipment

Period Homes' Buying Guide to Tools & Equipment for classically-inspired residential design projects, including preservation tools and waterjet cutting.

buying guide woodwork


Period Homes' Buying Guide to Woodwork for traditionally-designed residential building projects including, hand-carved and ornamental wood, rolling ladders, stairs, finishes, restoration materials, and wine racks and cellars.

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NOH cropped

New Old House, Winter 2020

New Old House showcases period-inspired homes designed by the country’s top residential architects working in the classical, traditional, and period-inspired fields.

Buying Guide Spotlight

SpacePak Install 2


Company provides 2' flexible tubing ductwork allowing warm and cool air to reach spaces in historic buildings without disturbing architectural finishes and structure.

Product Reports

classical stonework of townhome

Townhome Stonework

We speak with Old World Stone, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, and Stone Details about dressing townhouses with dimensional stone.

hamilton sinkler bronze window hardware

Period-Friendly Window Hardware

While window hardware typically represents a small portion of most architectural hardware suppliers' product lines, many companies offer window hardware in numerous classic styles as well as hard-to-find traditional replications and distinctive custom designs.

eastlake door knobs from vintage hardware & lighting

4 Product Reports on Period Hardware

Check out these four in-depth reports on hardware for period-inspired and historic restoration and building, including reproduction and antique hardware, period-appropriate hinges, Early-American hardware and more.

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