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Notting Hill Decorative Hardware

Distributor of knobs, hinge plates & pulls for cabinetry & furniture: hand-cast pewter or bronze with additional plating options; brass, copper, nickel & gold finishes; semi-precious stones, enamel & hand-tinting.

Notting Hill Decorative Hardware creates high-end cabinet hardware for cabinets and furniture. Our artisan hardware is hand-cast in the USA to produce a distinctive line of knobs, pulls, back plates, and appliance pulls. From the beginning in 1996, we embraced our motto, “The Beauty is in the Details.” Unique designs are cast with intricate relief and hand finished to highlight artful motifs

Notting Hill transforms molten lead-free pewter into striking jewelry for your kitchen, bath, office or furniture. Select pieces are embellished with enamel, hand-painting, crystals and semi-precious natural stones. Rich finish options include pewter, brass, copper, nickel and gold.

From the original 12 knobs to 200+ designs, Notting Hill continues to embody the finest in decorative hardware. Our period-inspired collections range in styles from Arts & Crafts to Victorian. We also feature Classical, Transitional, Romantic, Rustic, Tropical, Beach and Eclectic styles. The common element among all our collections is the timeless, artistic beauty revealed in each and every piece. Notting Hill has always been proudly MADE IN THE USA.

Available from dealers in the US and Canada. Trade inquiries welcome.

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