Vintage Homes and Millwork

Hand-crafted custom wood doors, including Front Doors, Interior Doors, Garage Doors, Barn Doors and Custom Hardware.

Custom wood doors are the perfect blend of beauty and strength, giving an unforgettable first impression. At Vintage Homes and Millwork we combine our old-world craftsmanship with the latest woodworking technology to create the quality, style, and character that defines who you are.  

Who we are

Vintage Homes and Millwork was born out of the long-standing partnership of Ben Esh and Daniel Glick, founders and owners of B&D Builders, Mid-Atlantic Timberframes, and Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication. As a family of specialized companies, we have all of the in-house skill and expertise needed to bring your design or project to life.

Each door is handcrafted in our Lancaster County, PA manufacturing facility, allowing us to keep strict control on the materials, construction process, and finishing details – so there’s never any guessing if the door you envision is the door you’ll get.

How we work

Our experience in the building and construction industry allows us to expertly fit your custom design into your existing project’s style and timeline. With Vintage Homes and Millwork, we customize every detail from wood type and grid to the amount of light filtering through your entryway.

We pride ourselves on our expert engineering, skilled craftsmen, and our hands-on approach to every project. Design, fabrication, and millwork are all completed in-house, which means we have developed a refined, no hassle process to create beautiful doors for homeowners, builders, architects, and contractors. 

What we build

• Front Doors
• Interior Doors
• Garage Doors
• Barn Doors
• Custom Hardware

Ask Us About Our Custom Doors

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