2013 Palladio Awards


Adding On to an English Arts and Crafts House

Peter Zimmerman Architects' renovation and sympathetic addition to this English Arts and Crafts house in Philadelphia earns them a 2013 Palladio Award.

double-curved ceiling rynerson

The Restoration of the Historic McDonald Mansion

Rynerson & O'Brien Architecture and Paul Duchschere are awarded a 2013 Palladio Award for the challenging restoration of the historic McDonald Mansion in Santa Rosa.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary: Adaptive Reuse Meets Historic Preservation

Seattle-based Runberg Architecture Group's preservation and adaptive reuse of a historic church wins them a 2013 Palladio Award for Residential Multi-Unit design.

cape cod cottage

David Jones' Cape Cod Cottage

David Jones Architects design a new Cape Cod Cottage that is sympathetic to the ever-shifting seaside terrain.

Casa De Las Lomas

Casa De Las Lomas: Classic With A Spanish Accent

Michael G. Imber wins a 2013 Palladio Award for the classically designed--yet Spanish-influenced-- Casa De Las Lomas.

Buying Guide Spotlight

steel casement window

Seekircher Steel Window Corp.

Repairer of steel casement windows: performed on location; more than 7,000 windows repaired annually in 26 states; large collection of vintage steel casement windows, doors & hardware; family-owned business established in 1977.