An introduction of the nine Residential 2018 Palladio Award winners.
2018 Palladio Award

Nine residential projects, including three that tied for first place in the “new residential design/construction under 5,000 square feet” and two in the “exterior spaces—gardens and landscapes” categories have won Palladio Design Awards.

The 18 annual awards, a national honors program for traditional-style architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and craftsmanship, drew a record number of entries from around the country.

Named for Andrea Palladio, who studied the ancient world to create architecture that was as beautiful as it was functional, the awards showcase the best of traditional residential styles.

The nine winners, which include a log cabin in the woods, a block of city-savvy townhouses and a garden for a gentleman’s farm, carry on Palladio’s legacy by looking to the past for their looks while providing all the comforts and conveniences expected by 21st-century inhabitants.

The judges—James Collins, Milton Grenfell, and Donald Lococo—are excited to celebrate this year’s honorees.

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