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4 Product Reports on Period Hardware

Check out these four in-depth reports on hardware for period-inspired and historic restoration and building, including reproduction and antique hardware, period-appropriate hinges, Early-American hardware and more.
hand-forged hinges

Hand-forged hinges.

Finely Wrought: Reproduction Hardware
The call for authenticity drives manufacturers of reproduction Early-American hardware. As research and experience heightens our knowledge of the past, demand for accuracy in the products that we select when restoring or duplicating historic architectural elements has increased. Reproduction hardware is no exception.

historic doorknob

Knobs with slightly domed tops, and incised, recessed or decorated edges – such as this model from Ball & Ball Hardware – were popular in the 1880s in materials from wood to bronze and are called drum-form knobs by collectors.

Historic Door Hardware
What to look for when specifying historically appropriate door hardware for residential design and restoration. Doors would not be doors if it weren’t for working historic door hardware – that is, the hinges that allow them to swing open and the knobs and latches that hold them shut. 

Nanz level handle.

Nanz lever handle.

Door Handle Styles
A deeper look into the various types of door handle styles and their hardware. As our high-tech, digital age runs ever faster on invisible, intangible software, it’s worth remembering that none of it would be possible without builders’ hardware, the finishing metal work used to swing doors or operate lock and latches while adding aesthetic appeal.

eastlake door knobs from vintage hardware & lighting

Eastlake door knobs.

A History of Door Hardware
A look at the trends in design and manufacturing in classic door hardware over the centuries. With the exception of the Gothic Revival movement, where doorknobs sporadically incorporated Tudor arch and quatrefoil motifs, most door hardware was not explicitly tied to decorative fashions or architectural styles until the latter-19th century.

SpacePak Install 2


Company provides 2' flexible tubing ductwork allowing warm and cool air to reach spaces in historic buildings without disturbing architectural finishes and structure.