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Lighting & Electrical


In-depth reports examining lighting and electrical fixtures, including historic lighting restoration, new lighting fixtures, historical lighting fabrications, and hardware. 

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copper hanging lamp ball and ball

Lighting Options for Classic Homes

Choosing appropriate lighting fixtures for the interior or exterior of a classically-designed home is a matter of style, scale and personal taste.

bevolo gas lighting

Gas Lighting: A Radiant History

Gas lighting, common in the 19th century, is once again a popular accessory in the residential market.

lantern brass light gallery

The Lore of Traditional Lantern Design

Today's traditional lantern designers have to rely on reproductions and historical paintings and illustrations to recreate these historically-styled lanterns.

Electric light

Colonial Lighting Fixtures: The Iconic Colonial

Though design motifs from the 18th century have cycled in and out of American architecture for well over 100 years, for exterior lighting Colonial seems to have found new turf and admirers in the post-Woodstock decade.

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Crown Point Cabinetry

Custom fabricator of handcrafted, period-style cabinetry for kitchens, baths & other rooms: Arts & Crafts, Shaker, Victorian, Early American & contemporary styles; available nationwide.