Architect Frank Neely shows us the details on his new old English Tudor home.

“Tudor is a fantastic style that requires a high level of craftsmanship as well as a steady design hand. It is an asymmetric style that is all about balance. Unlike Colonial or Federal, there is really not a design formula, and as a result Tudor homes are almost always quite dissimilar to one another.

Steep roof pitches that have carved rafter tails and barge rafters mark the style. Wonderful brick and stone details frequently support. It is the balance of the intersection gables and overhangs that breathes life into the home.

To me it is an opportunity for expression. It is a home where we can work together all the skills we have picked up over the years from custom limestone carving on the exterior to an intricately carved newel post on the interior.

A well-executed Tudor already feels old. It has a presence and a warmth that is evident in every detail. Each room you enter is a new treat, and an observant visitor might see a new detail during each visit. As a result, its charm remains fresh and exciting for years to come.”

Read the full story of this home designed by Frank G. Neely Design Associates: Southern Tudor.

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