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2019 Palladio Awards


The winning projects in the 2019 Palladio Awards Competition, brought to you by Period Homes, Traditional Building and the Traditional Building Conference

Boxwood topiaries

Kathyrn Herman Design: Historic Farm in Fairfield, CT

Kathyrn Herman Design wins a 2019 Palladio Award for Exterior Spaces for Historic Farm in Fairfield, CT.

Var Beige marble, ARTE 2000

Harrison Design: Beaux-Arts Estate

Harrison Design along with ARTE 2000 and Traditional Cut Stone win the 2019 Palladio Award for Craftsmanship for Beaux-Arts Estate.

barreled ceiling of reclaimed wood

Nequette Architecture & Design: Stukes Residence

The 2019 Palladio Award winner for New Design & Construction—more than 5,000 square feet goes to Nequette Architecture & Design for Stukes Residence.

HBRA's Lake Shore Drive renovation

HBRA Architects: Lake Shore Drive Residence

The 2019 Palladio Award for Restoration and Renovation goes to HBRA Architects for Lake Shore Drive Residence.

West River House, Jones & Boer Architects

Jones & Boer Architects: West River House

Jones & Boer Architects wins the 2019 Palladio Award for New Design & Construction—Less Than 5,000 Square Feet for West River House.

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