2017 Palladio Awards

2017 Palladio Awards

Period Homes' compendium of articles showcasing the winning projects in the 2017 Palladio Awards Competition, brought to you by Period Homes, Traditional Building and the Traditional Building Conference

New York Revival Home

Alterations and Additions to a Historic Residence

Originally designed by architect F. Burrall Hoffman in 1902, Westlawn is a shingled Revival house located in Southampton, New York.

Colonial Revival home gets updated landscaping

Colonial Revival Property

A disjointed landscape on a Colonial Revival property gets transformed with beautiful gardens and lawns.

Florida home renovation

Anglo-Caribbean Style Florida Residence

This project by Fairfax & Sammons, completed in 2016, is located on a corner lot in the lake-to- oceanfront gated community of Lost Tree Village, Florida—a community founded by a team that included noted architect John Volk.


Barn Addition to a 19th Century Farm

This 19th Century New York barn addition represents a classical appreciation of early American history tied to the functionality of modern minimalism.

Entrance to the Beekman.

The Beekman: A Thompson Hotel

This New York hotel renovation project demonstrates how technological solutions make historic restoration and renovation possible.

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