A look at some of the top landscape and garden design projects for period-style or historic homes. 

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Period landscaping with pool

Dan Gordon Landscape Architects' Bulfinch Award-Winning “Charles River Estate”

With woodlands to the east and an open meadow to the west, this Bulfinch award-winning landscape is classically designed, by Dan Gordon Landscape Architects, to be in harmony with its history and surroundings.

new brick entry walk

Isabella Stewart Gardner's Country Estate's Landscape Renovation

Bulfinch Award Winner LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects strikes its mark again on the former country home of Isabella Stewart Gardner.

Jay Heritage Center garden

The Restoration of the Jay Heritage Center

Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects is restoring a 3-acre garden, as part of the estate’s greater evolution from farmstead to country estate to public park.

Colonial Revival home gets updated landscaping

Colonial Revival Property

A disjointed landscape on a Colonial Revival property gets transformed with beautiful gardens and lawns.

The “wild stag of the garden,” as he is affectionately called, is a new addition meant to add whimsy and historical accuracy.

Whole Again Landscape

Janice Parker masterfully revives the historical charm and garden romance of an Ellen Biddle Shipman-designed landscape.

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